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Modest Mouse

—Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset


Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset || Modest Mouse

and i claim i’m not excited with my life any more
so i blame this town, this job, these friends
the truth is it’s myself

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Wow. Just wow.

Ex South Carolina Republican operative, Todd Kincannon took to Twitter on Sept. 9 to post an utterly tone-deaf reaction to the TMZ video showing NFL athlete Ray Rice knocking unconcious his then-fiancee Janay Palmer. While the Tweet has since been taken down, it wasn’t before someone took a screenshot of the tweet in which Kincannon vilifies the victim by saying that the “dumb bitch” got what she deserved for starting the whole mess. 

Kincannon’s gross display of misogyny did not stop there.

Holy shit. And people like this are proud of themselves. WTF.

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puts me in tears everytime

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Karen O

—NYC Baby

But I’d rather have my baby
Much much closer to me lately
Than he’s been

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The A+ that is Vince McMahon’s walk

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